Saturday, November 17, 2012


Hi, everyone I am very excited to give you a little brief about my new logo design.

Hope, you guys liked the name “PSDTOHTMLHERO”. Guess what is this about??? Oh yes, it is about a service which will I provide from my website (still in construction stage). Here we provide a service of HTML conversion from Photoshop designed files or jpeg design file. We convert any design into fully functional HTML, CSS, and JQUERY websites. Oh!!! Sorry I described lots of thing about the service. For any psd to html conversion at affordable rate just (Rs. 800 per landing page) contact me with your design.

 Now please have look on my logo walkthrough for

Worked on this logo from last two-three weeks, spent lots of time in research, drawing samples, designs, variation but somehow not find anything suitable and meaningful. Drawn number of superhero for the logo but not a single one fitted with my idea. Suddenly yesterday a keyword stokes on my mind and that was “supernatural”. Reason to search supernatural logos is simple because superheroes are made up with supernatural powers. So after a little bit research on supernatural logos and superheroes logo. I found what I want, found a logo with a superhero standing boldly with a round red background (symbolizing a superhero standing in front of a sun). And from there started my sketches with my superheroes and finally reached at that point where i wanted to be.

So guys hope you liked my new logo. Any suggestions and ideas on this logo are mostly welcome. Please throw your comments.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My New Business Card Design

Hi, after a long time posting a new post , I know i know you guys excited to see my new business card design, Yes this is my new business card design.

About Idea 
Before making my vcard, i searched lots of vcard designs, wasted lots of time to search new business card design. Got lots of idea from there, but not able to implement on my design, after doing long experiment sudden on my mind strikes and got idea to put my own picture and I did that.
In one shot I opened my famous promoted image and placed on my business card design, little played with that and finally i came to this, and after that taking few reviews (good n bad both )decided to print business card with my photo. Many of my friends and colleagues said that "Mukund this is a great idea. Go with it only !!" and other few friends putting own images is not good idea at all, they given own views on my design and i appreciated that, but finally i decided to go with my photo business card. Reasons for giving own image on business card was 1. Own photo gives a trustful thoughts. 2. Its different and not boring like other business cards.

I got very good feedback for my new business card from my clients and colleagues. Everyone appreciated my work and I am very thankful to all of them.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hi, guys see my new logo design for a online ticket booking company. I tried lots of things for the logo but none of them suites the buisness n symbol, i tried double door, single door, ticket as a door, but didnt find anything out of box on that symbols do finally i decided to play with font, gradient, texture and some fun within te symbol, so after a lots of effort n experiment i got something like this. Hope client will like the logo, and hope that i will be the creative man for  his next further project> My fingersre crossed now.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Jassaw Cleaning Service is live now

Hi, one of my very first project of developing complete website for a Cleaning company named Jassaw Cleaning Service, is live now. The whole project is done by me only alone. More editing need to be added to the website. 

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